Ocean News Update: Climate Change Divide and Greenland Shark is Old as Dirt

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It’s Friday and I haven’t given you an update on some Ocean News, so here it is.

In the absence of an Ocean Talk Friday, I picked 2 stories that cover some of our favorite topics (Climate Change and Sharks) to discuss.

The first story is about how the US is still divisive on the issue of climate change (ugh!). I talk about the frustrations of hearing arguments against climate change based on a belief system as opposed to adapting to its consequences and reducing our climate change impact.

The second story is about the age of the Greenland Shark. It’s old! How old? Well, it’s older than Canada and the US! That’s old. In fact, it’s now considered the oldest vertebrate. Crazy! I talk about how cool it is to find out the age and how the age will dictate management of this species in the face of mounting pressure due to non other than climate change.

Listen to the podcast for more details on both stories.


Today we discussed the following:

  • As reported by the Associated Press:”When it comes to science, there’s more than climate that divides America’s leaders and people. The mainstream scientific establishment accepts evolution as a reality, as well as the general safety of vaccinations and genetically modified food. But some political leaders and portions of the public don’t believe any of that. It’s not a liberal versus conservative issue, especially when it comes to vaccinations, which are doubted by some activists on both ends of the political spectrum.But nothing beats climate change for divisiveness.”
  • From the BBC:

    Greenland sharks are huge beasts, that can grow up to 5m in length.

    They can be found, swimming slowly, throughout the cold, deep waters of the North Atlantic.

    With this leisurely pace of life and sluggish growth rate, the sharks were thought to live for a long time. But until now, determining any ages was difficult.”


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