Ocean News Update: US Oceans Open For Oil and Gas Drilling; Should We Ignore the Scientific Contribution of People Outed by #MeToo Movement; and, How To Save A Cold Stunned-Cold Sea Turtle

Trump Opening 90% of US Coastal Waters to Oil and Drilling


The Trump Administration Proposes To Open Up 90% of the Outer Continental Shelf in US Coastal Waters

The Trump administration has written a proposal to change the 5-year lease plan for Oil and Gas plots, which opens up the US Coastal outer continental shelf to oil and gas drilling. The Obama administration closed off the same area during his presidency. Trump’s Secretary of Interior, Ryan Zinke, announced that the government will be opening 25-26 regions to oil and gas lease plots. The regions include Alaska, the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean has had a ban for oil and gas drilling since 1969, when there was an oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara. If you remember correctly, the last major oil spill was in 2010 when the Deepsea Horizon leaked oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Since the spill stopped, there have been 10,000 spills reported in the Gulf of Mexico.

We should be moving away from oil and gas and more towards sustainable energy. There is one way we can do this. Check out the audio above for what that method is.

Should We Ignore Citations of Known Harassers in the Workplace

I found an interesting blog post about how scientists should deal with citing work done by other scientists who have been known to harass their staff in some sort of way that makes it uncomfortable for the staff member to come in to work everyday. I share my piece in this episode.

What to do if You Come Across A Cold-Stunned Sea Turtle

A recent cold snap has Sea Turtles “cold-stunned”, where the animals are found washing ashore or floating in the water. The US Fisheries & Wildlife Service has put out a notice to call 1‑800‑344‑WILD and not touch the animal.
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