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Nathan and I talk about a new form of Aquaculture; Canada should be an Ocean super power; the importance of Seagrass; and, China could be messing up the environment

Nathan Johnson and I co-host Ocean Talk Friday again to discuss this past week’s important articles. I love doing these episodes because Nathan and I get to chat about all things Ocean. The best thing about talking about these Ocean articles is to get the ideas flowing and hopefully come up with solutions as a community.

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Here are the articles:

1) We revisit a new aquaculture techniques that will benefit the Ocean and contribute to reducing climate change;

2) Some people think that Canada can become an Ocean Economy super power;

3) Seagrass is important and some people want you to know about it; and,

4) China is building islands for military bases and could be destroying the environment.

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Today we discussed the following:

  • Natural Aquaculture: Can We Save Oceans by Farming Them? By Richard Schiffman  A small but growing number of entrepreneurs are creating sea-farming operations that cultivate shellfish together with kelp and seaweed, a combination they contend can restore ecosystems and mitigate the impacts of ocean acidification.
  • The ocean economy: Canada could be a global superpower; reported by Kate Moran At roughly 202,080 kilometres, Canada owns the world’s longest coastline. New discoveries from the Franklin Expedition, along with the Northwest Passage’s opening for the first time in human history, have thrust our Arctic waters, and all the potential this uncharted area brings, into the spotlight. This global interest, and the investments Canada has made in marine innovation, provides an opportunity for us to significantly move forward and harness the true potential of our ocean and coasts.
  • Seagrass is a marine powerhouse, so why isn’t it on the world’s conservation agenda? Seagrass has been around since dinosaurs roamed the earth, it is responsible for keeping the world’s coastlines clean and healthy, and supports many different species of animal, including humans. And yet, it is often overlooked, regarded as merely an innocuous feature of the ocean.

  • The Rising Environmental Toll Of China’s Offshore Island Grab To stake its claim in the strategic South China Sea, China is building airstrips, ports, and other facilities on disputed islands and reefs. Scientists say the activities are destroying key coral reef ecosystems and will heighten the risks of a fisheries collapse in the region.


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