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Today, Nathan and I discuss how insurance companies know flooding; drink beer for stellar sea lions; drunk fish on CO2; whaling countries blocking protections

Ocean Talk Friday is a fun tradition that Nathan and I started and we continue to have fun with it. We hope that you guys enjoy it too. After a brief update on our Marine Conservation Fantasy Football Pool, we talk about the following articles:

1) Insurance companies find wetlands could have saved $625 million in damage;
2) A brewing company made a beer to help study stellar sea lions;
3) Fish are drunk off CO2 and swimming into predators; and,
4) Whaling countries rallying to block South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary.

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Today we discussed the following:

  • More than US$625 million in property damages were prevented during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 by coastal wetlands along the coast northeast coast of the United States, according to a new report released on Tuesday. Canadian Underwriter reports.


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