OceansWatch: Speak Up for the Blue’s Newest Ocean Leader

By February 7, 2011 September 16th, 2011 Ocean News

It’s Monday and what a better way to begin the work week than to introduce Speak Up for the Blues’ Newest Ocean Leader: OceansWatch.

OceansWatch is an organization that brings boaters, divers, and scientists together to help education, provide humanitarian aide, and to conserve the Ocean environment in developing companies. I’ve known Chris Bone, founder and Executive Director of OceansWatch for a few years now and I’ve seen the great work that OceansWatch conducts. Chris, a yatcher himself, was asked many questions by villagers of the communities he would visit about clean water, fishing practices and management, and basic education questions. It was he decided that the people of these villages required his help along with other experts. He enlisted the help of fellow yatchers, divers, and scientists to help him answer questions from the villages. Now, OceansWatch helps these village communities in the South Pacific and in the Caribbean by monitoring their reefs (using Reef Check methods), monitor their water supply, and educate them on the management of reefs and coastal habitats.

Chris can’t do all of this work on his own and requires your help. Check out the OceansWatch website for more information on how you can join an expedition and connect with a wonderful tropical environment. Enjoy the video below for more information about OceansWatch.

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