Oil Exploration In An MPA And Ocean Gummy Bears Clogging Fishing Gear On West Coast

Marine Protected Areas Canada


Does it make sense to allow Oil and Gas Exploration within the boundaries of a Marine Protected Area and still call it protected? Trudeau’s government thinks it does. I break down how this situation doesn’t necessarily depict a Marine Protected Area, but it does describe a management area within a Marine Park. Perhaps the government of Canada is going about designating MPAs the wrong way?

Take a listen and find out how.

Also on the show…there are these “Gummy Bear-Like” organisms that are frustrating the hell out of fishers along the US Pacific Coast…find out how during this episode.

Links to articles discussed during this episode
1) Trudeau government proposes opening St. Lawrence marine protected area to oil exploration;
2) Jellied sea creatures confound scientists, fishermen on U.S. Pacific Coast

Enjoy the Podcast!!!

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