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Open Access to Science is crucial to sharing information across the world. If you think about it, the entire scientific process is all about one scientists being able to duplicate an experiment of a study based on the methods outlined in a paper. However, sharing literature is not always possible.

As our guest today, Nick Wehner from OCTO (Open Communications for The Ocean), will describe to us, many scientific papers that would help Marine Conservationists to their jobs better are stored behind a paywall in the journals in which they are published. The paywall makes it difficult for scientists who do not have expensive subscriptions to the journals to access the important information. 

Nick is here to tell us about a solution that OCTO is going to release on November 14th. You don’t need to be a scientist or have an expensive subscription to get access to this literature. 

Enjoy the Podcast!!!

Here are some links to the articles that we discussed on the podcast:

1) A paper on the usage of primary journal articles by environmental managers (which is behind a paywall…how ironic!!!)
2) A paper describing the impact of Open Access Literature
3) A paper on the history and future of peer review

Sign up for the upcoming Webinar by Nick entitled: “Making Your Research Freely-Available with MarXiv:The (free!) research repository for ocean-conservation and marine climate science”

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This episode was brought to you by Octo (Open Communications for The Oceans). Check out their recent MEAM (Marine Ecosystem And Management) issue helping inform the Marine Science and Conservation field around the world.

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