Over fishing in Florida and Canada Parks Need to Talk to Young People

By February 9, 2012 Ocean News

Florida Considering Over Fishing Gag Grouper While Feds Protect

Florida anglers want to fish in closed waters for grouper and Canada Parks need to include more young people into the park planning process.

Florida Fishing

The State of Florida is considering opening a closed area to anglers to fish gag grouper, an IUCN vulnerable species.

Recreational anglers are pressuring government to open gag grouper fishing in state waters during the time when federal closures for the same species remain closed. The anglers say that opening the fishery will boost the local economy and tourism during a time in the year when tourism is low. The problem is gag grouper is consifered vulnerable by the IUCN and the increased fishing pressure (over fishing) can cause them to approach the threatened status (much worse) in the state of florida. In addition, the fish do not recognize the boundary between federal and state water and therefore will cross the boundary increasing their potential of being fished during the state open water.

Usually I don’t comment on these types of stories as they are SO OUTRAGEOUS, but I had to because it seems as though the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are considering the request from recreational anglers. So I would like you guys to contact the Commission and let them know that opening Florida State waters is not in the best interest of the gag grouper: http://myfwc.custhelp.com/app/home

Canada Parks Needs to Engage with the Younger Generation

Canada Parks, the federal government branch in Canada with a mandate to protect and designate parks in Canada, is holding a number of workshops in Vancouver to discuss future plans for Parks in Canada. The problem is that the younger generation is not showing up to voice their opinions. On the other hand, Canada Parks may not be announcing the workshops where the younger generation are present (social media site, universities, high school). Canada Parks should do a better hob to reach out to the younger generation to connect and help decide the future of Canadian Oceans.

How do we engage young people in Ocean Conservation?

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  • Karleen says:

    I agree. Wouldn’t it be great for Parks Canada to be more involved with youth engagement. It could probably even be delegated down to provincial levels for provincial parks too. How could we start this ball rolling?

  • admin says:

    Good question Karleen! I think we can start by following Parks Canada, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and Environment Canada more closely. We could watch out for updates in the House of Commons and regularly check the government department’s websites.

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