Speak Up For Blue Partners

Speak Up For Blue is pround to be a social enterprise and help protect the Ocean through raising awareness; education; and, inspiring the implementation of solutions to reduce and eventually eliminate Ocean Issues occurring around the world. Andrew Lewin, founder of Speak Up For Blue, has been building great relationships with small to medium sized organizations who are doing fantastic work along the coasts and in the Ocean around the world; however, they tend to be limited by two things: resources and funding.

Resources come in the form of able bodies to complete the work set forth by the organizations goals as well as equipment for the staff to use to collect vital information on the Ocean and its species. The organizations often encourage volunteers, but it’s difficult to manage volunteers when there is ni one hired to manage them. This problem is often due to funding, which is crucial to the sustainability of the organization(s). Small to medium sized organizations cannot afford to hire fundraisers because they don’t have the funds (a bit of a catch 22). These organizations face adversity everyday and must deal with the fact that they may not exist in a day, week, or month from now; however, their passion, dedication, and actions speak volumes as to what they would be able to do with just a little more support in resources and funding. It is why Andrew has continued to build relationships with these organizations and has now introduced a Speak Up For Blue partnership program.

The Speak Up For Blue Partnership Program

Speak Up For Blue is not just a social enterprize, it’s not just a website. It’s and community of people who are dedicated to making the Ocean a better place for its habitats, species, us (humans), and our planet (which is made up of 71% Ocean). As a community, we have a chance to help others who are doing great work and raise awareness for the better protection of the Ocean. Community members often join the Speak Up For Blue community because they know they want to protect the Ocean, but they may not know how. The Speak Up For Blue PArtnership Program will provide one avenue to help Community members with how they can help to Ocean by supporting the Partners through word of mouth (social media), financial contributions, and/or becoming part of their community and learning about them, what they do, and helping the organizations get results.

Speak Up For Blue, as a social enterprise, will also be supporting these organizations by sharing their story with the community members and the public to help increase their reach. We will also be selling products and services that will not only provide value to the customers, but will help support these organizations either through in-kind or financial support. We will constantly update you on how the various Speak Up For Blue products and services that will roll out as they are created (shhh: some are on their way!).

Let’s introduce you to the Partners. Keep in mind that we will only take on a limited amount of Partners so that we can provide each partner with the support they require.

Sea Turtles Forever


Website: http://www.seaturtlesforever.org/
Description: Sea Turtles Forever (STF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to the conservation of marine turtles and the preservation of their nesting and foraging habitats. Since 2002, STF has been leading conservation operations in Punta Pargos, a small coastal town in the Guanacaste region known for its sea turtle nesting beaches and its great surf. By hiring only local residents of Punta Pargos to patrol the nesting beaches at night, STF not only creates jobs in the rural community but also educates the locals about the principles of sea turtle conservation and how their actions can have a positive impact. Together, STF and the Punta Pargos community are able to safely conserve and hatch over 11,000 baby sea turtles every year.

With the rise in global plastic production and inadequate plastic recycling infrastructure in many areas of the world, many sea turtle nesting beaches have fallen victim to marine plastic debris landfall among other waste materials. STF’s Microplastic Removal Team has developed an “easy-to-remove” technology and is leading a global initiative to clean up marine plastic sink beaches across the world.

Our mantra “More Turtles Less Plastic” is a vision we believe will lead to a healthier ecosystem for marine life and a revitalized planet for our families and loved ones.
President: Marc Ward

Eco Sapien


Eco Sapien is an educational project created to illustrate the importance of biodiversity. We’re team of Conservation Biologists and fundamentally our job is to stop biodiversity loss around the world. In a money-orientated world, we often have to justify why saving biodiversity is important, not just because of its right to exist, but because of its integral importance to humans.

We produce a whole plethora of resources. Our YouTube videos are the core of the organisation and cover a huge range of topics within ecology and conservation. From asking big questions like, ‘Why are bees so important?’ to tutorials on how to encourage wildlife in your own garden, our video library increases in size week by the week. We also produce handy infographics and informative articles that offer a portal into the spectacular world of biodiversity, and its relevance to our everyday lives. If we help you discover a new insight, we’ll consider our mission a success. If you want to find out more about the project, please visit our website at www.EcoSapien.org, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel at www.YouTube.com/EcoSapien.

We’re all Homo sapiens – thinking men and women – but in a world that faces an uncertain future of habitat destruction, climate change, and ecological catastrophe, perhaps it’s time we became Eco sapiens.

Website: http://www.EcoSapien.org
YouTube: www.YouTube.com/EcoSapien
Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/EcoSapienShow
Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/eco_sapien
Tumblr: http://www.EcoSapienShow.tumblr.com