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I give you the best tip that you can use before you start your career – career is the key word

Today is a the launch of a new bonus series that I will be providing on the Speak Up For Blue Podcast. I wanted to provide you with the best information I could on starting and maintaining a career in Marine Science and Conservation as that is part of the mission of Speak Up For Blue: Empower people to live for a better Ocean!

These bonus episodes will normally be on published on Saturdays, but I decided that I would launch this episode today to pique your interest.

The first episode of this Marine Science and Conservation Careers series deals with what I think is the most important aspect of launching your career. You need to PLAN out your career. Here are the steps you need to take to plan your strategy:

1) Pick 1 or 2 career interests;
2) Research the types of jobs people working in your interest filed hold;
3) Figure out what job title you want to do 15-20 years from now;
4) Learn the skills and experience of the people who work the job you want in the future;
5) Reverse engineer your career path focusing on getting jobs where you can attain the skills and experience you will need to get the job in the future; and,
6) Execute that plan.

Do you want to work in a career in Marine Conservation

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