How The Clean Oceans Project Plans to Clean Up Ocean Plastic

By October 19, 2011 October 26th, 2011 Interviews
Ocean Plastic

Ever wonder how we got a plastic Ocean? You need to watch this interview.

Did you wonder how we could clean up the plastic Ocean? You need to weatch this interview.

did you ever wonder how you could prevent plastic from going into the Ocean? Then you really need to watch this interview.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Captain Jim “Homer” Holm about the organization he co-founded called The Clean Oceans Project…and mind did he ever blow me away with the information and technilogy he is found to clean up plastic from the Oceans and preventing us from adding more plastic into our Oceans.

So YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn more about this organization because it will be big a couple of years from now. You can also get in on the action and help the Clean Oceans Project reach it’s goal of a plastic-free Ocean.

During the interview, Homer and I discuss the available technologies out there that will not only allow his organization to pick up large amounts of plastic from the Ocean, but they will help prevent the introduction of new plastic pollution into the Ocean.

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  • Kelly Semenuk says:

    I want / need to be a part of the clean up. The oceans are our life source. I want to help. Please advise me toward a ship that I can board to get out there and do whatever it takes to keep our oceans clean and our fish from eating or getting caught up in our garbage. I am tried of sitting still and saying. I should do this or I should do that. I watched an interview on.CBS this morning. I’m done making excuses. Show me the way… Please. 850-595-4730

  • Andrew Lewin says:

    Thanks for your enthusiasm Kelly! I past on your information to Ed Homs of the Clean Oceans Project. Let me know if you would still like to chat!

  • Costa says:


    Great interview! I’m curious about getting involved in some capacity and I’m just wondering when this interview took place.


  • PETER FOWLER says:

    I am a retired American living n Mexico. What can I do to hep remove plastics from the ocean floor?

  • Andrew Lewin says:

    Hi Peter, the best way to remove plastics from the Ocean while living in New Mexico is to stop using single use plastics in your daily life including plastic bags, plastic wrap, ziplock bages, straws, etc. Excluding those would be a great start. Afterwards, you could share what you are doing with your family and friends and show them how they could eliminate the same items from their daily lives.

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