Plastic Pollution

Get the details on this epidemic that can only stop with our reduction/elimination of plastics

What Is The Problem

Plastic Pollution in the ocean is causing virtually all marine species, including marine mammals, fish, and sea birds, to choke on or become poisoned with toxic chemicals by ingesting plastic particles. Plastics are also dangerous for humans, as they contain toxins that disrupt our endocrine system.

How Does The Plastic Get Into The Ocean

The plastic originates from land where it ends up in the ocean from littering and landfills and it travels through storm water drains and other means.

Who Is Responsible For Plastic Pollution

We are all responsible for plastic pollution, either directly or indirectly.

How Long Has This Issue Lasted

Plastic began being mass-produced in the 1930’s, and problems began shortly after. Since that time, the world population has grown by 5 billion people, most of who use plastic, contribute to littering and add to pollution.

How Do We Solve It

Prevention and beach clean up. Investing in bioplastics, or plastic made entirely from biodegradable plant material, is also a huge step in stopping plastic pollution from its base.

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