Plastic Pollution Coalition Teaches the Next Generation about Plastic

By February 25, 2011 September 16th, 2011 Ocean Solutions

Some adults may not care about what happens to plastic once it is discarded, but the next generation will learn about it in class through the Plastic Pollution Coalition‘s Educator’s Tool Kit (Take a look at the link to see what the toolkit has to offer). Education of Ocean issues is a key component in inspiring our youth to live life in a more sustainable manner. I am part of the first generation to grow up with computers and the internet where we are now all accustomed (and addicted) to using the internet as par of our daily routine. Imagine this generation will be able to learn about sustainability and how to leave and profit from living green.

I am personally on a goal to reduce my use of single-use plastic by using reusable shopping bags, buying pop out of a metal can, refusing straws and plastic cups, and ensuring that the plastic that I throw away ends up in my recycling bins. How else can I reduce my plastic use? Let me know.

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