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By January 5, 2019 Plastic Pollution
Ocean Clean Up Project Man Assaults Woman after requesting straw

There are projects that are happening all over the world with the purpose of trying to either clean up the Ocean of plastic pollution or prevent it from getting into the Ocean.

The Ocean Clean Up Projects Hits Another Snag

The 2000-foot Ocean Clean Up device has broken up into two sections in the Pacific Ocean Gyre. A 60-foot section broke off at one end of the large device in the rough weather in the area. This is the second reported setback the Ocean Clean Up Project has publicly reported. The device will be brought back to port to get fixed before it goes back out.

The Project predicted the device would clean up 50 tons of plastic per year until the 80,000 tons of plastic in the Gyre was cleaned up. According to Boyant Slat, the CEO, the device collected 4,400 lbs of debris since arriving at the Gyre.

Man Assaults Woman After Asking For a Straw At McDonald’s

A viral video of a man grabbing a female McDonald’s employee in St. Petersburg, Florida is making its rounds on the web. The man reportedly got mad after asking for a plastic straw. McDonald’s new policy is to keep the plastic straws behind the counter in an effort to reduce the amount of straws used at their locations.

It is not apparent whether the man was mad specifically about the straws or with something else.

The woman defended herself by striking the man repeatedly until the man let go of her. He is now being charged with assault. The employee is not being charged at this time and is being praised online for defending herself so well.

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