Porbeagle Sharks Protected In One Country But Killed In Another

By August 12, 2018 Sharks
Porbeagle Shark


Marine Conservation can be a tricky business at times. This episode covers one of those tricky times and it has to do with the porbeagle shark. 

The porbeagle shark is a “mini-great white” that only feeds on fish. It’s population on the east coast has dwindled to 10% of its initial population. The Canadian government has put them on the Species At Risk list to help protect them; however, the shark crosses the Canadian-US border where it is not protected and it is fished and allowed to be taken. 

Researchers in Canada are worried after they have seen an increased amount of social media posts with dead porbeagle sharks that were legally caught. 

What would you do in this predicament? 

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