Reduce Cow Farts, Save The World From Climate Change

By October 7, 2018 Climate Change Ocean
Reduce Cow Farts, Save The World From Climate Change


On of the main arguments for reduce meat content lately has been to help reduce climate change. According to studies, cow flatulence emits methane, a greenhouse gas. In fact, the meat industry is said to contribute 4% of the global greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. An estimate puts 3 tons of methane for every cow…that’s a lot of farts and burps! However, there may be a way that the amount methane from cows could be reduced. 

A Swiss company claims to have created a feed for the animals that will reduce the flatulence by 10%. The company also says that it can benefit farmers by increasing the cows milk yield and feed efficiency. 

Can this help the meat industry reduce their methane output? Is it enough? Let me know what you think in the Facebook Group.


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