Restoring Reefs with Reefballs

By June 27, 2011Interviews

What does a background in SCUBA diving, marine aquariums, and economics have in common? They are all a great way to launch and operate a successful foundation that restores coral reefs and coastlines.

I spoke with Todd Barber, founder of the Reefball Foundation, to discuss the status of coral reefs and how restoring them not only helps rebuild reefs by attracting fish and other critters, but it could save lives…human lives by providing barriers to waves and stop or reduce the erosion of coastlines.

This is Part 1 of a multipart video on how the Reefball reefs built and deployed all over the world. Part 1 reveals how Todd incorporated his background in SCUBA diving, marine aquariums, and economics along with his father, the engineer and inventor, to launch a successful reef building business.

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