Restoring Reefs with Reefballs – Part 4

By June 30, 2011Interviews

The final part (part 4 of 4) of Speak Up for Blue’s interview with Todd Barber, founder of the Reefball Foundation, is finally here! In this part of the interview, Todd discusses why Reefballs are so effective given the numerous factors we discussed in Part 3. Todd also takes us through an entire process from the design of a Reefball Reef to the Deployment and then to the monitoring of the reef to measure its effectiveness.

I loved conducting this interview with Todd as he was very open with the foundation and how it began. Reefballs are now spread across the Oceans worldwide to fight against the destruction of Reefs and Coastlines. Sharing this interview is very important to me as I believe innovative ideas like the Reefball are necessary to adapt to a constantly changing world.

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