Review of 2017 Shark Week Schedule; Butt Out for the Ocean; and, Tourism Affecting Antarctica

Shark Week 2017 Schedule


The Shark Week Schedule for 2017 has been announced and there are some shows to which I am looking forward and others that perpetuate sharks as serial killers (which is false!!!). I review some of the synopses of the episodes announced during this episode.

I also go over an infographic released by the Save San Francisco Bay Organization that deals with the problem of cigarette butt littering. One of the most preventable forms of litter out there.

Finally, I talk about an article in the Guardian that discusses the affect of tourism on Antarctica and how some researchers are seeing changes in habitat due to the presence of invasive species of plants and insects.

Links Mentioned During This Podcast
1) Shark Week 2017 Schedule and Synopsis
2) Butt Out for the Ocean; and,
3) Tourism Affecting Antarctica

Enjoy the Podcast!!!

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