Roz Savage is Taking on the Indian Ocean

By January 25, 2011 September 16th, 2011 Ocean News

Roz Savage has completed two major rowing voyages across the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. She is now planning on rowing across the Indian Ocean from Australia to India. I want to make sure that you know know Roz doesn’t row across the Oceans with a full team to make sure she eats well and is well hydrated or safe. She rows across the Ocean by herself is a 23 foot row boat. BY HERSELF!!! I can’t even imagine how she gets through the first few days of the journey, let alone an entire trip. She must have many conversations with herself. I go on Ocean trips for work with 45 people and I find I get board of the conversation after a couple of days and not talking to people. Apart from the mental anguish of rowing across the Oceans, there is the physical portion of the trip.

How does one row for so long across various sea states (smooth and rough) and various weather conditions (rain, heat, etc.)? It’s a journey that I cannot imagine many people taking, but Roz Savage is a veteran rower across the seas. She doesn’t just row for the fun of it. She does it to draw attention to the way in which we humans treat the environment. She stops at different islands and nations to speak to people regarding their daily lifestyle such as worrying about salt water contamination in their freshwater supply, losing land due to sea level rise or storm surges, observing a decrease in catch rates of fish along their coast, and many other challenges various nations face. This is Roz’s motivation for rowing across the Ocean.

Roz’s mission for this upcoming row is: Setting out around March 31, 2011, Roz will bid to row 5,000 miles from Fremantle in Australia to the west coast of India, aiming to arrive at the Gate of India monument in Mumbai. This would round off the “Big Three” – Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans – making her the first woman in history to do so. In May 2012, in her last major ocean row before she hangs up her oars and transitions to a different form of environmental campaigning, Roz intends to row 3,500 miles across the notoriously harsh North Atlantic, from Battery Park in Manhattan, New York, to the United Kingdom. Shortly after leaving from Battery Park she will row past the Statue of Liberty, providing an unparalleled photo opportunity. She says, “The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of what this row is all about – our liberty to enjoy a clean, green future on a healthy and beautiful planet.” This grande finale to her ocean rowing career will launch in mid-May 2012, and she hopes to arrive in the UK in time to make a ceremonial row up the River Thames shortly before the start of the London Olympics.

So help Roz with her mission by telling your peers about her journey and the great work she does by rowing across the Oceans to raise awareness to for a more sustainable way of life:

“We might think our individual contributions are just a drop in the ocean. But you take a million tiny actions, and string them all together, and you can achieve almost anything – from rowing an ocean to saving the world. One oarstroke at a time.”

Check out how Roz is planning her route from Australia to India including taking into account current speed and direction as well as sea surface temperature.

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