Save The Oceans Through Speak Up for Blue!

By December 15, 2011 Ocean Solutions
Save The Oceans

If you had the chance to help fund the establishment of a Marine Protected Area, would you do it?

I am very excited to let you know that you will soon be able to do this through Speak Up For Blue. I am in talks with an organization, that I will not name right away, to fund one of their projects to establish a Marine Protected Area in a specific place in the South Pacific. Now, I am not going to give the complete details, but I will reveal more once I iron out the details. So stay tuned for that announcement sometime in the new year.

Why is Speak Up for Blue doing this? Well, I often find that people want to save the Oceans, but they don’t necessarily have the opportunity to do so. Whether it be they are too busy to physically help out, or they don’t trust the providing the funds because there isn’t much accountability.

So, I have been planning to provide YOU the people of the world with specific projects that you can either physically help out and/or provide funding for a project. Now there are a couple of things I need to highlight:

1) I will carefully choose the projects based on my relationship with the organization running the project;
2) I and/or the organization will provide regular updates on the project; and,
3) ALL funding donated to Speak Up for Blue will be donated to the organization in charge of the project and none of the money will go to me.

Now, I want to know what would make you donate or not donate to a particular project. Why would you donate or not donate to a particular project.

If You the people feel this project went well, then Speak Up for Blue will partner with more organizations to provide you with project specific options to fund or participate that all have to do with protecting the Oceans.

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