SUFB 147: SCUBA Diving To Ocean Conservation

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SCUBA Diving To Ocean Conservation

SCUBA divers quickly become great Ocean Conservationists because they see, first hand, how the Ocean gets degraded over time as they are in the water. Many divers become strong advocates for conserving specific areas in the Ocean where they love to dive. Others start/participate in Citizen Science projects to help Ocean Scientists better understand the Ocean.

In today’s episode, I cover all sorts of SCUBA diving stories from the Ocean on how divers can do better in protecting the environment and help out in Conservation.

Links to Resources that I Talked About Today:

Tiger shark attacks scuba diver who broke protocol

SUFB Special: Shark Week 001 Tracking Sevengill Sharks using Citizen Science with Michael Bear
SUFB 145: Sea Turtle Citizen Science in Honduras

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