Sea Wolves, Bonnet Sharks Eating Seagrass And Candid Plea from a Coral Reef Scientist

Sea Wolves Bonnet Hammerhead sharks Coral Reef Scientist


Imagine a terrestrial animal changes its diet in order to survive along the rugged coast of British Columbia. Scientists have discovered have genetically differentiated population of wolves, dubbed Sea Wolves, that derive 90% of the diet from the sea. Is this just a way of survival from their inland wolf cousins or do these wolves just enjoy the sea that much more?!?!?

Also in the program, a PhD student has discovered that young bonnethead sharks are eating seagrass so much so that their diet composes over 50% of the sea veggies. Scientists wonder if the young sharks are just learning how to eat animals within the seagrass as the diet composition of seagrass decreases when they get older.

Finally, did you ever wonder how scientists feel about what climate change is doing to our Oceans? Dr. John Bruno wrote an opinion pice in the New York Times about how depressed he feels after years of conducting coral reef research in Belize and all over the world.

Links to Articles Discussed During this Episode:
1) Dr. John Bruno’s New York Times Piece
2) Sea Wolves in British Columbia
3) Bonnethead Sharks Eating Seagrass

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