SUFB 014: Saving the Vaquita with Dr. Andrew Wright

By September 23, 2015 October 21st, 2015 Speak Up For Blue Podcast


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The Vaquita is at risk from being extinct. Now what’s wrong with that statement? Well, first maybe I should ask you if you know what the vaquita is. It’s a small marine mammal that looks like a dolphin and lives in the Sea of Cortez. They aren’t found in any other place, which makes them endemic. This unique location makes them vulnerable to changes or disturbances. If something is killing them, then there is an increased chance that they can go extinct. And that is precisely what is happening. Pretty depressing isn’t it?!

Normally I would start off this blog post by talking about how cute the Vaquita is because it has black rings around its eyes and on its lips. I would write about how it’s only about 5 feet long. I would comment on how it could be the cutest marine mammals in the world.


However, I cannot talk about the animal in the way that I would like to because the vaquita is in trouble, deep trouble. The last estimate of the number of individuals of vaquitas was less than 100. 100. This makes it a big problem.

I have to admit that I didn’t really know about the plight of the vaquita. I saw pictures of this wonderful animal, but I didn’t realize how vulnerable they were to extinction. After I interviewed Dr. Chris Parsons in Episode 11 he suggested that I interview Dr. Andrew Wright, our guest today, because he has been working on helping to protect the vaquita species from extinction through his capacity as Policy Officer for the Marine Section of the Society for Conservation Biology.

I listened to Chris and contacted Andrew as soon as possible. Andrew was delighted to do the interview and did it from his current residence in New Zealand!

During the interview, Andrew tells us why the vaquita is in such a dire situation and how we can help stop it. Listen carefully as you and I are part of the solution.

Enjoy the Podcast!

Resources Discussed This Episode

Society of Conservation Biology’s Save The Vaquita Page

Aidan Bodeo–Lomicky’s (A 15 year old boy) Website Dedicated to Save The Vaquita

Facebook Page dedicated to Saving the Vaquita

Science Documentary focused on documenting the decline of the Vaquita

IUCN SSC – Cetacean Specialist Group

Viva Vaquita – A collaboration among 3 Non-profit organizations: Cetos Research Organization, Save the Whales, and the American Cetacean Society – Monterey Bay Chapter.

People can also donate here to conservation efforts

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