SUFB 015: Dolphin Mid-Wives Helping Women Give Birth in Ocean?

By September 24, 2015 October 21st, 2015 Speak Up For Blue Podcast


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YEAH! You read that right. Apparently, there is an “institute” in Hawai’i that is offering a birthing experience for expecting mothers that is literally out of this world. It’s actually quite insane. Pregnant women make arrangements with the Sirius Institute so that professionals take them out to the Ocean to have dolphins deliver their baby.

The idea stems from a Russian male mid-wife, whose daughter was giving birth in the Black Sea near Israel in 1979 when 3 dolphins swam up, pushed everyone out of the way and proceeded to examine the monther and child using their mouths and their echolocation. The examination apparently relaxed the mother and the baby and then the baby have not strees or pain during the birthing process. There seems to be a niche mid-wifery going on called “Dolphin-mid-wify” that is producing these super childresn (superior minds and physic). The article goes on to claim that the children have superior IQs as well as pshychic abilities.

Fortunately, the birthing practice hasn’t caught on because it is so insane, people can’t do it (that is my guess!).

There are many problems with this practice and they all have an effect on the helath of the baby and mother. Firstly, the Ocean is full of bacteria that the baby and/or mother can get infected and cause serious problems to either the mother or the child. I ask you this: Would you want your newborn baby to be exposed to potentially harmful bacteria and/or parasites? I think not.

In addition to the bacteria and parasites, dolphins could also be a potential threat to the mother and the baby. People often think that dolphins are friendly and always protect humans in a time of need. And, yes, there have been cases where dolphins have rescued humans; however, people often forget that dolphins are a predator. A highly efficient predator. They can exhibit some violent behaviour and wild dolphins cannot be compared to captive ones. Their behaviour is very different as the captive dolphins do everything for food and have been trained, whereas wild dolphins move to the beat of their own drum.

Dr. Craig McClain, chief editor of, wrote an article identifying some bad behaviour exhibited by dolphins. This article was in response to another dolphin article, which gave 10 reasons why dolphins were awesome. Craig’s article is a bit more representative.

I provided you with plenty of reasons whhy you shouldn’t give birth in the Ocean with dolphins present. It’s just a bad idea!

Enjoy the podcast!

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