SUFB 017: Can Celebrities Help Or Harm An Ocean Awareness Campaign?

By September 28, 2015 October 21st, 2015 Speak Up For Blue Podcast


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Speak Up For Blue Podcast

I want to recount a little story. Last week I shared an album of one of Speak Up For Blue’s Ocean Leaders, Dr. Carl Safina, of his latest Ocean Awareness campaign for the Coastal Forests and Species of British Columbia. The campaign trip was organized by Pacific Wild and also enlisted the help of a famous celebrity to bring more awareness to the campaign. I got a few negative comments on the post and a message through the Speak Up For Blue Facebook page saying that I should not have posted anything associated with this celebrity as they did not like them and thought it undermined all my work in growing the page. Imagine that one single post could destroy all my hard work in promoting Ocean Awareness and Action!

I should let you know who the celebrity is before I continue with my exciting story. The celebrity was Miley Cyrus. I admit that she is a very polarizing celebrity. Either you like her or you hater. Since her “graduation” from her Disney days, Miley has been shedding her good girl reputation by acting the exact opposite. Her act and new “character” could be described as raunchy or even grotesque by some. Others would say she is a brilliant marketer and has a great voice. Personally, I feel she is too grotesque for my taste, but I do think she has a great voice; however, whether I like Miley Cyrus or not was not the point of posting her new campaign. The point was to highlight the use of celebrities to reach a bigger, and perhaps newer, audience.

You can’t argue that Miley Cyrus doesn’t not have a big fan base. There is a reason why she is so popular. Her fanbase is huge! Her concerts are sold out with young, impressionable fans that will follow Miley around the world. This is why I posted the photo album of her new campaign. She has the potential to introduce the British Columbia coastal forest to a brand new audience that has a voice. Her fanbase will do what Miley tells them, especially if it was for a good cause.

I responded to the person who emailed me that I found the actions of Miley commendable and it deserved to be added as a post to the Speak Up For Blue Facebook Page. The power of celebrities is amazing when it comes to getting the word out of specific nature campaigns and I will continue to give these celebrities respect and exposure on Speak Up For Blue’s platforms.

Enjoy the podcast!

Resources Discussed in this Podcast

Speak Up For Blue Facebook Page

Pacific Wild

Carl Safina

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