SUFB 2: Exploring the Deep Sea News – with Dr. Craig McClain

By June 23, 2015 October 21st, 2015 Speak Up For Blue Podcast


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Speak Up For Blue¬†PodcastDeep Sea News is one of my favourite Ocean Science websites that I’ve seen on the web. In fact, it was the first ocean science blog that I found when I first started thinking of my site, Speak Up For Blue. So it was an easy decision to ask Dr. Craig McClain to be one of my first guests on the Speak Up For Blue Podcast because I want more people to know about Deep Sea News.

If you’ve been hiding on land and not exploring the Ocean on the wen, you may not have come across this site, which is one of the most popular ocean science blogs in the web. Deep Sea News was founded by Craig who, with his team of volunteer science bloggers share their Ocean stories that includes their research, specific issues they feel need to be addressed and ocean science myths that need busted in the name of good science.

In late 2013 and early 2014, Craig and his team of bloggers wrote a number of articles demystifying the incorrect articles that perpetuated the notion that radiation was increasing birth defects in babies born in California due to the radiation emitted from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

The combination of good science and humorous writing makes for a good read in the morning when I try to get my ocean science fix. Deep Sea News is a great example of effective ocean science writing that has amassed an audience of millions of it’s tenure of almost a decade on the web.

I asked Craig to come on the podcast to talk about Deep Sea News and let everyone know why he started it and how he balances being a professor, a research, and chief editor of one of the most popular ocean science blogs on the web.

Here are some important links mentioned during the podcast:

Deep Sea News: The Website

Deep Sea News: The Facebook Page

Deep Sea News: On Twitter

Dr. Craig McClain’s Twitter

Deep Sea News: Fukushima Articles

Deep Sea News: 10 Reasons Why Dolphins Are A$$holes

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