SUFB 5: Corals Are Good For Your Health with Dr. Ellen Prager

By July 15, 2015 October 21st, 2015 Speak Up For Blue Podcast


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Speak Up For Blue PodcastCoral reefs are vital to oceans systems. They are the most diverse habitats in the Ocean (that we know of so far). They provide habitat for many fish, invertebrates (crabs, lobsters, shrimps, octopi, etc.), seat turtle and marine mammal species.

They also play a special role in helping the human race, us! And it is something that I forgot about until I read a thread on an online listserv called the Coral-listserv. This listserv is an email list of marine scientists and conservationists who have an interest in understanding corals reefs and to protect them from harm (that are caused by we humans!).

The thread on the listserv was a question as to how can scientists and conservationists communicate the importance of coral reefs to the public to get them interested in conserving coral reefs. Of course, there were many suggestions, but one suggestion peaked my interest so much that I asked this person to come on the podcast to discuss it.

Dr. Ellen Prager is coral reef scientist who has many years experience working in and around coral reefs and other marine habitats. She is also an expert in communicating ocean science and conservation topics to the public. She is an author of children’s novel about the ocean (The Shark Whisperer; see links below), so she knows how to make ocean issues and their solutions interesting and fun to learn and practice.

In this interview, Ellen and I discuss how coral reefs benefit our health (you will be surprised how many ways they help us) and how you can learn about ocean issues in a fun and meaningful matter and then implement the solutions in your daily lives.

Enjoy the Interview!

Links Discusses in the Episode:

The Shark Rider

The Shark Whisperer

Sex, Drugs, and Sea Slime: The Oceans’ Oddest Creatures and Why They Exist

Chasing Science at Sea: Racing Hurricanes, Stalking Sharks, and Living Undersea with Ocean Experts

Adventure on Dolphin Island

Ellen’s Twitter

Ellen’s Facebook Page

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