SUFB 007: How Sea Grant is Conserving New York State with Bill Wyse

By July 29, 2015 October 21st, 2015 Speak Up For Blue Podcast


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I became aware of the US Sea Grant programs when I started searching for jobs after completing my undergraduate degree back in 2001 (Woooow! That sentence made me feel OLD!). Anyhow, I’ve always been curious about the Sea Grant programs because they were involved in interesting projects in various states. I wanted to make sure that I had someone from the Sea Grant program on the podcast when I started brainstorming about the Speak Up For Blue Podcast. I wanted to ask them what they were all about and how they were able to get involved in so many Ocean Conservation projects.

I reached out to the NY Sea Grant on Twitter and they responded right away. They were really keen on talking about the Sea Grant program and their projects, which was perfect because I was too! By the way, isn’t Twitter awesome. The platform has allowed me to contact so many people to which I would not otherwise have direct access (click here to follow me on Twitter!).

Our conversation during the interview centred around Hurricane Sandy (also known as Super Storm Sandy), one of the deadliest and costly storms in US history (only surpassed by Hurricane Katrina). Hurricane Sandy was the largest hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean and was a Category 2 when it hit land in the Northeastern United States. It devastated many areas including New York, especially New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, and other states. The damage cost the US $68 billion. Its aftermath has made the state and the federal government begin to prepare for future storms.

The NY Sea Grant is partnering with many organizations to study and provide information to policy makers as to how best the state of New York can prepare for the next storm with minimal damage and no lost lives.

Bill Wyse, Executive Director of the New York Sea Grant, came on the podcast to discuss how the Sea Grant program works and to discuss the important projects in which it’s participating to show how governments find information to minimize damages in major storms and conserve the coast of New York State.

Enjoy the podcast!

Resources Mentioned in this Podcast

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New York Sea Grant’s Facebook Page

New York Sea Grant’s Twitter

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