SUFB 008: Ocean And Climate Change

By August 5, 2015 October 21st, 2015 Speak Up For Blue Podcast


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Speak Up For Blue Podcast

Climate Change is part of my everyday life. I hear it all day, I read it in the scientific literature for work and other ocean conservation business; and, I see it all the time.

Climate Change is a FACT! There is no doubt about. I am exposed to the evidence as a scientist and I see the evidence as a person. Many places around the world have been hit by Climate Change impacts. Coral reefs all over the world are being decimated due to increased sea surface temperatures and ocean acidification. Coastlines are being torn apart by an increasing number of major hurricanes, typhoons, and super storms like Hurricane Sandy that we discussed in last week’s podcast episode. Climate Change is affecting all of us whether we not it or not.

I was so disappointed to hear politicians in the US congress and senate call Climate Change bogus this past winter. I was utterly gutted! The world had hit it’s highest 12 month period ever in February 2015 where many places around the world were feeling higher than normal temperatures. However, the northeast United States was experiencing a cooler than normal time of year. Washington, D.C. falls within this areas that was feeling the cold temperatures. Therefore, politicians used it as chance to deny “global warming” as not real. One senator went as far as bringing in a snowball to demonstrate how cold it was outside. NASA released a global map depicting the temperatures around the world for the 12 months in question and showed all other parts of the world were experiencing high temperatures, including California, US, which was undergoing a drought at the time.

For me, it’s crazy to think that many people don’t believe in science as there are more powerful players at hand (MONEY!). My worry is that many people will believe these politicians and continue on with ignoring science as it never gave them the answers they wanted to suit their needs.

I decided that it was up to me and the many other scientists out there to educate people on Climate Change and get people to understand that Climate Change is a global problem that requires the actions of everyone in the world to help reduce and/or eliminate the problem.

I give you a brief introduction to Climate Change and talk about the consequences we face; as well as, provide you with some easy solutions that you can start doing right away to help do your part.

Enjoy the podcast and share it for everyone else to hear!

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