SUFB Podcast 009: Ocean Conservation Through Video Storytelling

By August 12, 2015 October 21st, 2015 Speak Up For Blue Podcast


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Speak Up For Blue Podcast

Protecting the Ocean use to be accomplished through written articles and local meetings. It was dominated by who spoke up the loudest in a small community. Technology today has completely changed the way support is garnered for Ocean Conservation. It’s not to say that local meetings and support of coastal communities is not important. It just means that the internet and today’s technology has benafited the Ocean Conservation Community with a powerful tool – VIDEO!

Professional filmakers and amateurs alike have used videos to provide their audience with a visual interpretation to the data, graphs, and text that used to be thrown at people in an un-engaging manner. Now, people can see for themselves what is actually happening to the Oceans including the good and the bad.

Over the past few months there are a few videos that have made their rounds around the internet. For instance, there is a video of 2 US Coast Guard seamen who stopped their regualr duties to detangle a sea turtle from a bunch of old fishing nets that would have eventually killed him. Another video from Brazil showed a pod of dolphins getting stranded on a popular beach. The beachgoers took immediate action and saved the dolphins by dragging them back to the sea and making sure they got on their way without minimal harm. Each of these videos shows a problem facing the ocean. Nets entagle and kill hundreds of thousands of species every year all over the world and marine mammals are getting stranded due to a variety of factors that are unknown; however, some theories include human disturbance. Each video also shows that people are trying to save animals wherever they can.

The example videos hit an emotional cord with viewers. Viewers will leave comments on various social media platforms that incite anger, sadness, happiness, and a need to do something to help the ocean and its species.

The power of video can provide (and has) many benefits to the Ocean Conservation movement. People become aware, they want to do something, and there are many ways in which they can act to protect the Ocean.

Video sounds great doesn’t it? Are you willing to record video of the Ocean to inspire conservation? Hold on now! There are some things you need to know before you begin.

Video must be done properly to be effective. A story is the number one necessity to engage viewers, but where do we begin?It’s why I invited Gianna Savoie, Executive Director of the Ocean Media Intitute, to tell us how videos can engage your audience. She tells us about the various technologies available to us today and how to tell a good story.

Enjoy the podcast!

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