Shark Attacks Lead to Killing Endangered Great Whites in Oz

By November 16, 2011 Ocean News
Great White Sharks are attacked by humans in Western Australia

Great White Sharks are attacked by humans in Western Australia

You may have heard of 3 shark attacks of the West Coast of Australia near Perth.

The area is going ballistic about the attacks as there are only on average 1 death per year from shark attacks.

What makes this case even bigger is that the sharks responsible are believed to be Great White Sharks known to roam around the area.

The fact that there were three deaths due to shark attacks is tragic and my heart goes out to the family and friends of the victims.

BUT, I have a huge problem with the way this issue is being handled.

Here is my opinion on the matter.

The locals and media are reporting that it is just one massive shark that is responsible for the attack. And it is stopping at nothing to get its next meal. So now the government has allowed local fisherman to go out and kill the Endangered, and protected, Great White Sharks to prevent the massive shark of killing every human in the water. But we know that sharks don’t like humans. We are not their food of choice; Seals are! Sharks that are 18 feet long do not, nor have they ever, had a taste for human blood. So why do we think they do. Maybe it was because of a little movie called…oh what’s that name again…it was kind of popular…oh yeah, JAWS!

But that was just make believe. You can’t expect that people believe Jaws is real…can we? Well apparently we can. But before we go down that crazy alley, let’s take a look at the science.

Scientists say that seals are known to frequent areas nearby the shark attacks AND this time of year is a known migration where the Great Whites migrate south for the Australian summer. Well that was painless was it?

So people, instead of going on a mass killing spree thinking there is one giant shark out to get us, listen to the science and stay out of the water for while until you know the sharks have finished migrating.

It’s common sense people…

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  • Mark Chadwick says:

    I hate it when I read that endangered Great White Sharks are being hunted because they have killed a human. When are humans going to wake and realise they are part of mother nature or should be. The fact is humans have become detached from mother nature, they believe they have the right to enter an environment namely the ocean, in which they do not belong and can control it. Humans should understand that when they go into the ocean they do so at there own risk. The Great White Shark is not to be blame because three humans where killed. Why should Great Whites be hunted. Swimming in the ocean is no more dangerous than crossing a road, what happens then when a motorist mows down and kills a human, do we humans hunt down that driver of the car and kill them. No, so why should humans hunt down and kill Great Whites sharks or any other animal.

  • Kayla FutureMarineBioligest says:

    The producers of the movie JAWS should be ashamed of themselves. That movie has given millions of people the wrong idea. Shark attacks (even in Australia) are rare and there is no way to prove that one shark is responsible for all of the attacks. To allow people to kill Great White sharks is INSANE!! Think of all the problems in the food chain you are causing. These animals are on the ENDANGERD list we need to protect them NOT KILL them. Sharks are NOT A SERIOUS threat to humans!! THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

  • f***sharks says:

    f*** these sharks , im happy someone is finally killing these f******, they are pests , if you kill a rat with poison it is ok , but killing sharks that actually kill people is wrong , everyone is going on at how awesome they are , well they are not , lets see how you would like to loose a limb or a family member , or even your own life, you ocean hippies should go f***ing be the food since you think a shark has the same right a human does , they should fear us and not even want to come close to our bathing spots

  • Andrew Lewin says:

    Interesting thoughts, but you are missing the point of this entire post. First of all, the number of shark attacks on humans are very small (under 10 per year). Second of all, sharks are way more important to the Ocean than you think. They are an apex predator, which means they control the populations of their prey and shape the Ocean balance as we know it. Killing sharks because they bite less than 1% of the world’s population is not the solution. Killing them would change the Ocean dynamics as we know it and ruin it causing a chain reaction of devastation to the environment and economics around the world. I think you need to learn more about the importance of sharks to the Ocean before you make a misinformed statement. Contact me if you want to know more about sharks and their importance to the Ocean and to humans.

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