Shark Cage Diving Banned In New Zealand

By September 10, 2018 Sharks
New Zealand Bans Shark Cage Diving Over Public Concerns


The New Zealand Government realized that its Department of Conservation’s Wildlife Act does not have the authority to provide permits to dive operations that offer Shark Cage Diving Tours as it goes against the Wildlife Act. A court of Appeals recently ruled that the Wildlife Act has the authority to manage whether animals can live or die based on a permitting system, but not as a tourism focus.

The decision arose as the Paua Industry sued the government for giving permits to Shark Dive Tour Operators as they claimed it caused the sharks to get used to approaching humans for food (conditioned to approach the cage).

I feel bad for the operators as it will hit their income hard; however, managing the Ocean needs to include all stakeholders. The Stakeholders are users that may have a conflict with one another. 

I talk more about this during the episode. Have a listen and let me know what you think about in the Facebook Group.


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