Shark Dragging Abuser May Get Away With Deplorable Acts

Shark Draggers May Get Away With It


A shark being dragged across the water while tied to a boat surfaced in an Instagram video about a week ago. The video quickly went viral to the point where the abusers were identified along with where they lived. The abusers now seek extra police protection because of death threats they received via social media. Many people think they deserve the threat. I just want to see them charge with some type of animal abuse charge, but that may not happen.

There may not be specific laws that fall under what these idiots did to these poor animals. The shark that was dragged was dead and the remainder of its body was photographed by the abusers and the images sent to “Mark The Shark”, a notorious shark fisherman who is hated by many conservationists. Even he thought the video and pictures were disrespectful.

I talk about how infuriating it is to watch these abusers potentially get away with abuse and I ask you, the audience, if there is a general, common sense, law that protects animals (any animal) against these types of abuses.

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