Shark Eat Shark World; Longest Long Line; and Oil Platforms for Fish

By February 21, 2012 Ocean News
Wobbegong Shark Easts Bamboo Shark

It’s a Shark Eat Shark World

National Geographic released a new picture of a wobbegong shark eating a bamboo shark whole. The diver who took the snap was on a research trip and noticed the brightness of the bamboo shark, but when she came in for a closer look she noticed the wobbegong shark had half of the bamboo shark in its mouth and the bamboo shark was dead

Wobbegong Shark Easts Bamboo SharkThe wobbegong shark is a silent predator that is camoflaged and has the ability to dislocate it’s jaws to swallow larger prey.
It also has rear-facing jaws that gives the fish the ability to hold prey in its mouth as it devours it.

Longest Long Liner in the world set to hit the Arctic

A fishing consultant has won a contract for an Alaskan Fishing company to build the longest long lining rig in the world. The new vessel will be equipped with the latest and greatest fishing gear to catch over 1 million pounds of fish. The vessel is planned to fish in the Northern Pacific, the Bearing Sea and the Aleutian Islands.

I just don’t get it. Countries around the world recognize that long lining is inefficient and is a major factor in harming endangered species populations such as sea turtles, whales, and other animals. And now they are going to unleash the long liner in part of the Ocean where we no nothing about. It just doesn’t make sense. Why not spend the money on fishing technologies that will reduce the bycatch number and increase the target fish or even figure out ways to fish new species where we can take the pressure of others? They may not be the best ideas, but they are better than adding the largest long liner in an Ocean that is not well known.

The Only Good Thing About The Oil Industry Is Being Taken Away

Fish habitat relies on Oil Platforms120 Oil platforms are about to be destroyed using explosives in the Gulf of Mexico. You would think that would be a good thing but…
These plaforms are known to provide a diverse number of fish with great fish habitat including fish like the coveted red snapper.
The platforms are not being used so they are set to come down only they will be brought down by blowing them up, it is estimated that 5,000 fish can be killed and this doesn’t include coral and other invertebrates that help for the diverse oil platform habitat.
I would just like to see the oil industry to something nice for the Ocean once and a while wouldn’t you?

Would you rather see oil platforms be removes for the GOM?

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  • Kat Fenner says:

    I find it disturbing how advancement in science is used for destruction of our planet or for our regression in behavior. Hopefully with more awareness there will be more voices to monitor destructive behavior.

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