Shark Stereotyping or Funny Ad: You be the Judge

By January 25, 2011 September 17th, 2011 Ocean News

Check out this Snickers ad (below) that I saw on the Southern Fried Scientist blog posted by David Shiffman (WhySharksMatter). He posted an entertaining article about how sharks are typically stereotyped referring to a past Nicorette commercial about a man so distracted by his craving for a cigarette that he doesn’t realize a shark is chewing on an arm. Funny, to some, but David didn’t really think so at the time and people told him he over reacted, but I don’t blame him really. The Nicorette add perpetuates a stereotype telling people that sharks will eat you any chance they get. The Snickers ad is more cartoonish and in my opinion…funny. I didn’t care for the Nicorette ad much. What do you think about the ads? SPEAK UP!

Nicorette Ad

Snickers Ad

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  • The answer to most “or” questions is typically “both”. Yes it’s stereotyping, and yes it’s funny to some people. Obviously–ads are expensive and are the end result of many meetings, much scripting and editing and endless focus groups.

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