SUFB 176: Shark Week 2016 – Monster Mako Review

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Follow two research crews as they try to locate and document movement and feeding behavior off the California Coast and New England Coast

Shark Week 2016 Marine Biologists Greg Stuntz, Matt Ajemain and professional Shark Tagger Keith Poe try to catch and tag a large Mako Shark called a Grander to find out how these animals behave and predate in the Ocean.

there were two studies trying to locate and document movements and feeding behaviour of grander mako sharks, one on the California Coast and the other on the New England Coast.

It was difficult to tell if both research teams were successful in locating a grander mako; however, one of the teams was not only able to locate one, but they were able to tag it and attach a front and back facing video instrument on the shark to document it’s movement and behaviour.

It was interesting to note that the large mako grander sharks would stay in the deep sea during the day and come to the surface to feed at night on crabs no less. Was this crab prey a normal meal for these large sharks or was this just something in the way that looked appetizing. Only more research will be able to answer that question!


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