Sharks Protected by CITES…Finally!

By April 5, 2013 Ocean News

Some great news for sharks on an international scale happened last week as 5 sharks are now listed on CITES, which stands for the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species.

Oceanic White Tip

The oceanic white tip, the porbeagle shark, and 3 species of hammer head sharks were voted for protection from trade.

If you are not aware of what CITES is or does, then let me just tell you. CITES makes sure that endangered species are not bought, traded, imported, or exported for monetary value.

Porbeagle Shark

So this means that the species on the list will be protected from human harm, which is extremely important because as I mentioned in the last video, an average of 100 million sharks are killed every year from fishing, finning, and bycatch.

The species were nominated for protection by the international body, but was challenged by delegates from China and Japan. I am happy to say that their challenge was not successful.

And to be honest the fact that the challenge was denied surprised me! It’s not often an international body protects animals after a challenge from 2 countries who stand to gain a lot of money from there consumption of sharks, so it was great to see these endangered sharks protected regardless of the challenge.

I attribute the protection of sharks to all of the organizations and people who campaigned on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram, and Pinterest and Spoke Up For Sharks to make sure we had better protection for these important Ocean species.

We here at Speak Up For Blue would like to thank and congratulate the organizations and individuals who helped raise awareness of the CITES vote for months. We believe your hard work to encourage discussion and action helped get these sharks protected.

But This is only the beginning of shark protection. We need to continue to discuss shark protection in open forums so that more people will become aware of their importance.

Which leads me to the question of the day:

What do you think is the next step in shark protection?

Leave your comment below and let yourself be heard on these Ocean issues!

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