SUFB Shark Week 003 Shark Conservation using Science and Movies with David McGuire

By July 13, 2015 December 27th, 2015 Speak Up For Blue Podcast


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I have to thank today’s guest, David McGuire, for giving me the idea of putting on a special series of Speak Up For Blue podcasts for this year’s shark week. When I posted an update promoting the first three episodes of this podcast on LinkedIn, David was the first one to post asking me if I would like to speak to him during shark week. That instantly gave me the idea of talking to a few people who work with sharks that would like to share their results with you, the Speak Up For Blue Community.

David is a marine biologist and film maker who incorporates his skills to protect sharks through his organization called Shark Stewards (he is the director). David was inspired to protect sharks when he sailed across the Pacific with an group of colleagues and observed a number of sharks who were finned and left to die in the Ocean. David was devastated at what he had observed and wanted to do something about it. He developed Shark Stewards to help facilitate the banning of shark finning and the sale of sharks fins around the world.

Using his film making skills, David shot a shark finning documentary called “Sharks: Stewards of the Reef” to bring about awareness of the plight of sharks. This film launched David’s career into the world of sharks. Now David continues to educate people on sharks, their issues, and how they can be protected and studies shark populations through various citizen science groups.

David talks about his various projects and how Shark Week uses its stories to sell the audience in an attempt to gain more ratings. This was one of my most interesting interviews because I don’t know much about movie making and the importance of story telling when creating conservation movies.

Enjoy the podcast!

Resources discussed during the podcast

Shark Stewards Website

Shark Stewards’ Facebook Page

Shark Stewards’ Twitter Page

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  • […] SUFB Shark Week 003: Shark Conservation Using Science and Movies with David McGuire – During this past year’s Shark Week, Andrew went HAM and interviewed three different shark researchers and conservationists in seven days. This specific gem is his interview with David McGuire, the director of Shark Stewards. David’s organization advocates for the protection and stewardship of our global shark population through campaigns against shark finning and other harmful practices. In the interview, David and Andrew discuss how the portrayal of sharks in movies and other forms of media as killing machines has really hurt their public image, and how organizations like Shark Stewards are spreading scientifically accurate information about the valuable role sharks play in our ocean ecosystems in order to combat this negative public image. […]

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