Should Graduate Students Have A Side Hustle?

By September 25, 2017 Speak Up For Blue Podcast
Science Graduate Students Side Hustle


Graduate student life is fun when you look back on it after 15 years. You realize that you had so many freedoms and you didn’t have to worry about the “real world” yet; however, the real world hits you as a graduate student because you have to pay bills, tuition, and live life with a very low salary. Some people accept that part of life and hope for the best, while others go out and work for extra money to be able to pay for their bills (rent, food, etc.). 

An article on seems to suggest that every graduate student should have a side hustle/job to make ends meet and provide a few tips to accomplish this goal. The problem is they never talk about how difficult it is to have a side hustle. 

I talk about my experience trying to have a side hustle and the sacrifices I had to make and the conflicts it caused (often with my supervisor). Take a listen and let me know what you think in our Facebook Group (link below).

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