SUFB 172: Should We Find Dory? The Data Doesn’t Think So

Speak Up For Blue Podcast

Ret Talbot fisheries journalist, breaks down the ornamental fishing data to show you why he is concerned for “Dory”

Will Finding Dory cause more people to want a “Dory”, the Royal Blue Tang, in their aquariums? That is what Ret Talbot is going to help us answer today on this episode of the Speak Up For Blue Podcast.

Ret is a fisheries and sustainability journalist who has taken in interest in covering the issues in the Ornamental Fishing Industry. During our discussion, Ret reveals that data for this industry id deficient making it difficult to manage the fishery. He also reveals that the Royal Blue Tangs are all wild caught and many are caught using cyanide, which harms coral reef habitats.

Our discussion calls for a Certification body that will regulate the Ornamental Fishing Agency made up of collectors, exporters/importers, retailers, scientists, and hobbyists to ensure that the industry is sustainable.

This is an episode you do not want to miss.


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