Sir David Attenborough Speaks Up About Ocean Plastic Pollution

By August 2, 2011 Ocean News

More on Plastic Pollution in Our Oceans

To follow up from our recent plastic-related posts, here’s a great video of one my personal heroes –Sir David Attenborough – speaking about plastic pollution. Sir David Attenborough has led a fascinating life that has seen the introduction of many new ideas and technology. Here he recalls the introduction of plastics and how they were heralded for their convenience without thought to their indestructibility.

Check out the upcoming Plastic Oceans film.

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Julie-Beth McCarthy is a marine conservationist with ten years of interdisciplinary research experience. She received her MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation, and Management from Oxford University in 2010 where her dissertation explored the role that marine culture and heritage could play in marine planning in Newfoundland, Canada. She is interested in all aspects of marine conservation, particularly those that exist at the intersection of different disciplines. Having lived and travelled across Canada, Europe, the UK, US, and Australia, Julie-Beth recently moved to the west coast of Canada and is looking forward to contributing to Canada’s marine conservation efforts.

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  • sandy says:

    Too bad that not a lot of people care about our world’s oceans considering that 50% of the air we breathe comes from it. Check this video out.

  • matilda says:

    My name is Matilda Perry and I go to Henley High School. I am currently doing a project on ocean pollution and I would like to ask you if you can help me with gathering information for the following questions.

    1.What does your organisation do to help ocean pollution?

    2.What are you going to do about ocean pollution?


  • admin says:

    Hi Matilda! Thanks for contacting us! We are happy to answer your questions!
    1) We help stop Ocean Pollution by educating our community on what they can do at home to reduce their Ocean Pollution such as not using plastic materials (plastic wraps, plastic bags, and plastic bottles) and using more re-usable materials such as glass containers, re-usable grocery bags, and re-usable water/coffee containers). Our mission is to help individuals live a lifestyle that will protect the Ocean; and,
    2) I try to practice what I preach! I am going through a process to reduce all the things that end up in the Ocean from my house. That means, less plastics (hopefully one day, no plastics), recycling the right materials, and making sure that I don’t use any pesticides on my lawn and garden.

    Check around the site for more information on how to reduce Ocean Pollution!

    Good Luck!

  • Susie says:

    The most amazing solution for plastic clean up in the ocean is from Boyan Slat –

  • Andrew Lewin says:

    Hi Susie, unfortunaltely, Boyan Slat’s clean up proposal is not feasible and has been profiled on Deep Sea News every time the idea gets picked up by media outlets. Here is a link to the article:

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