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Raising Ocean Awareness through any means may not be enough to be successful at conserving and protecting the Ocean. I know! I was surprised to hear that as well. We often watch documentaries or participate in campaigns that try to raise awareness of Ocean issues, but they are not as effective (all of the time) in doing what is necessary: Change the behaviours of people to protect the Ocean from harm. 

The documentary “Chasing Coral” is a prime example. The movie did a great job to explain and highlight the devastating impact rising sea surface temperatures (from climate change) are having on corals; however, the film did not tell people how they could change their behaviour to reduce their contribution to climate change. The result was a whole lot of people feeling depressed about the Ocean without any guidance on how to change what was happening. 

Brian Day knows how to use a tool that is used by Coke to make them a corporate giant. The tool is called marketing and it’s purpose is to change people’s behaviour for a specific result. In Coke’s case, they would like people to drink their product to make them feel happy. In the Ocean’s case, Brian wants people to change a certain behaviour to stop the action the people were taking to further harm the Ocean. Sounds like common sense, right?

Unfortunately, not everyone one or every organization uses marketing in an effective way to change the world for social good, i.e. Social Marketing. Brian knows how to though and it works under the right circumstances.

Brian explains how to use social marketing to change people’s behaviour around the Ocean to protect it in this episode.

Enjoy the Podcast!!!

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