Hi everyone! I’m Sonia, from Spain. I graduated this year from Granada University with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, achieving my childhood dream. I always loved marine biology (and one of my passions is diving), but I never thought I would work on conservation. I saw of it as office work, like something artificial, but last summer I was volunteering in Greece with the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta), and I realized that a conservation project is not only about analysing numbers or statistics. You have to do a lot of field work (the part I love the most), so I started to see, first hand, what the countless scientific articles in journals and the advocates’ warnings of issues that are facing the Oceans.
I also experienced the importance of letting the people know what Ocean Conservationists are doing and what they do to help you. I mean, you can work really hard to protect an Ocean area, or a species, but if locals and tourists don’t know about your efforts, it is useless. Most of local people are really happy to join the efforts to protect the Ocean because they like to be involved in something productive for the environment. Social media and the web allow Ocean Conservationists to reach people around the world to let them know how they can help protect the Oceans.
 And remember, everyone can be a conservationist, you just have to love what you’re doing!!