Speak Up for Blue (SUFB) is constantly growing and has hired 2 interns to help develop Ocean Leaders by providing the SUFB community with Awareness of current issues affecting the Oceans, Education on the Oceans and its Species, and Actions the SUFB community could take to help protect the Oceans. Our staff work hard to engage with the SUFB community in discussions so that we can work together to provide healthier Oceans for our generations and for future generations. We are very proud of our staff who chose to use SUFB as their platform to distribute their knowledge and passion for the Oceans our community. They are the people who help define The Blue Movement and SUFB is happy to have them as part of our team. Click the link “Read more” to view each of their Ocean Leader profiles.

Andrew Lewin, Founder of Speak Up for Blue

Andrew Lewin, Founder of Speak Up for Blue

 Andrew Lewin

I am Founder of Speak Up for Blue and an Ocean/ Freshwater Biologist. My vision for this site is to not only inform you about Ocean Conservation, but to teach you how to become an Ocean Leader. communicating science has become my passion and I believe it is the 1st step to saving the Oceans.

Sonia Doblado

Hi everyone! I’m Sonia, from Spain. I graduated this year from Granada University with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, achieving my childhood dream. I always loved marine biology (and one of my passions is diving), but I never though I would work on conservation. I saw that like an office work, like something artificial, but last summer I was volunteering in Greece with the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta), and… Read more

Brianna Ordung

Brianna Ordung developed a fascination with the ocean as a child, always wanting tolearn everything she could about it. From the New England Aquarium to the tidal pools, beachesand bays off the coast of New England, she made sure to explore everything she could. As it came time to “grow up” and…Read more