Stingrays’ Bad Reputation…What would Steve Irwin Say

By April 5, 2012 Ocean News
Stingrays did not kill Steve Irwin in purpose

A Great Ocean Leader Lost

In 2006, the world lost a great and entertaining Ocean Leader doing what he loves best. Steve Irwin died from a puncture wound in his heart by a Stingray while shooting his latest episode of the Crocodile Hunter. Steve was trying to show how gentle the creatures and teaching viewers about the biology of the stingray. As Steve was showing the stinger above a stingray’s tail, the stinger punctured his heart and he later passed away due to his injuries. Such a freak accident caused the loss of one of a man who loved nature and wildlife.

Since then, stingrays have gotten a bad rap. I hear people talking about stingrays saying that they are afraid of them because they don’t want the same fate as Steve Irwin. I constantly tell people that stingrays are extremely gentle and no one would tell them more than Steve Irwin himself. He would hate to see what has happened to these magnificent creatures over the past 6 year.

Richard Wylie, a marine biologist in Australia, is also disappointed by the reputation gained by this peaceful animal. He writes in a opinion piece that since the Steve Irwin incident, there have been many instances of mutilation and death. All because of one freak incident.

Help Save Stingrays

Stingrays did not kill Steve Irwin in purposeSo what can be done about this reputation…Well first of all, we need to educate people on the harmless nature of stingrays and their gentle behaviour. We cannot allow anyone to portray these animals as dangerous because that would be a complete and utter lie.

Next we need to teach divers and snorkelers how to behave around stingrays while in the water. For instance, no one should touch a stingray, or any other wildlife during their excursion, especially from behind.

The final thing we need to do is look into protect stingrays in areas where deaths due to humans have occurred. As this step will drastically reduce the number of deaths and mutilations that happen for no reason but a bad reputation.

Question of the Day:

How else do you think we can protect stingrays?

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  • noel linder says:

    Get the Irwin’s to help.
    I always recall Steve talking about a “cranky crocodile” or other clever methods of saying a creature was unhappy at being intruded upon.
    For the general public, this issue with Steve & Stingrays is a matter of connection & re-creating a lost trust. There is no better source to utilize than Steve’s widow Terri, daughter Bindy & (perhaps though very young) his son. If they were to publicly state that Steve would not be mad at stingrays & that to honor Steve is to honor Stingrays, that could help. I used to work in the public relations world & getting to the heart of the matter is always best. So, try the Irwins first. This would be good for Australia zoo & the sea lovers also.
    Something like “Stingrays love Steve, Steve loved Stingrays” to give the idea that what occurred was not personal & for Steve, dying while working at telling the world about the marvels of animals was the best way to check out. Sad it is that humans are so shallow that they must exact revenge. Noel Linder

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