Stop the Plastic in the Ocean

By November 11, 2011 Ocean News
Dead Seabird due to ingestion of Plastic
Dead Seabird due to ingestion of Plastic

Plastic is the cause of over 100,000 of your favourite Ocean Animals including this Seabird

Plastic in the Ocean kills over 100,000 of our favourite animals including whales, sea turtles, dolphins, seals, and seabirds

As an Ocean Scientist, I have to remain objective when I conduct science. It’s the way I’m trained. I must let the science speak for itself, but I find that when the science says one thing and people distort it to say another, I get pissed off! So I decided I was going to talk about it.

So this is me talking about it. Comment if you feel the same way as I do in my video and tell me and the rest of the Blue Movement how we can become Plastic Free!

What You Should Know

Plastic is a huge problem in the Ocean. In fact, it is one of the major problems facing the Oceans in which we can do something about. Humans are directly responsible for the introduction of plastic material in the Oceans which kills animals every year. So it’s not surprising that plastic pollution in the Ocean is one of the most advocated Ocean issues by the general public, that is, non-scientists.

So here are some quick facts about the Plastics

1) Not all plastics are recyclable – Why? Because of money of course. Many plastics costs too much to break down into a form that can be usable to sell. The recycling facility would be forced to sell at a cost lower than what it cost to break down the item.2) More Plastic is used to add to recycled material – When plastic is broken down to be recycled, it’s not as strong as it once was. So what do we do, we add new plastic to make it stronger. Sometimes up to 3 times the original amount…That’s not recycling is it?

3) Plastic cannot be recycled forever – Plastic is often added as liner to coats and other materials as a way to reuse it; however, it is only used one more time then thrown away.

4) It will take a long time to clean up plastic – There are some groups that are looking to clean up plastics in the Ocean. The Clean Oceans Project is one of them. They are figuring out how best to do it, but it will take a long time and they strongly advocate that we reduce our use of plastic materials.

Check out the the video above for some tips on how we can reduce our use of plastics to help save our favourite Ocean animals.

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  • Kayla FutureMarineBioligest says:

    I wrote a speech about ocean conservation for a competion (I am a high school student). The main topic of my speech was plastic in the ocean. Plastic KILLS millions of animals everyday. For example Sea Turtles die when they eat plastic bags or get stuck in bottle rings. I feel that we should treat our oceans the same way we would our homes. You wouldn’t just throw trash in your frount yard would you? No, i didn’t think so. And protect ALL marine animals the way you would your pets. You wouldn’t feed them poison (plastic).

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