SUFB 152: Ocean Talk Friday

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Ocean Talk Friday: Bioflourescence, Ocean Treaties, Zombie Crabs & Recycling by man and nature

Nathan and I get together once again to chat about the important articles of the week. We discuss the following:
  • Bioflourescent Catsharks in the deep, deep blue: “Marine scientists have found that biofluorescent catsharks, such as the swell shark from the eastern Pacific and the chain catshark from the western Atlantic, are not only able to see the bright green biofluorescence they produce, but that they increase contrast of their glowing pattern when deep underwater.”
  • Do we REALLY need a new U.N. Oceans Treaty: Life depends on the Oceans. In order to protect life, we MUST protect the oceans. Doing so requires international cooperation through the U.N. The new treaty will focus on greater biodiversity preservation.
  • Zombie Crabs: Barnacles are infecting the Alaskan King Crab population; turning the crabs into unwilling hosts of a parasitic barnacle.
  • Phone Recycling project helps keep the ocean clean! “For more than 10 years, Chris Marone has been offering extra credit to Penn State students in his basic oceanography course, The Sea Around Us, for donating old cell phones. The project not only gives students a way to reduce ocean waste, but also raises funds for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.”


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