SUFB 158: Ocean Talk Friday

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Ocean Talk Friday: Ross Sea MPA; Mussels that smell; How other Mussels fight; Ocean Acidification; Sea Star Wasting disease; and Islands sinking

Did I ever tell you that this is my favourite day of the week? We have another episode of Ocean Talk Friday with myself, Andrew Lewin, and Nathan Johnson. We choose 4-5 articles that we feel made a big impact this past week and talk about them, their science and their conservation implications.

Today we discussed the following:

  •  The resurgence ot the Ross Sea MPA proposal “Marine Conservationists who have been pressing to set up a no-fishing zone for several years, say it is now paramount that their plan to create a 1.25 million square kilometre “no take” area in the Ross Sea is successful. They believe failure would seriously jeopardise future plans to protect the polar regions, which are now bearing the brunt of global warming.”
  • Mussels smell before they settle: “understanding why the mussel larvae decide to settle or not in an area is important to fisheries and ecosystems. Both wild and aquaculture stocks rely on settlement from natural larval supplies.”
  • Mussels battling Ocean Acidification with food: “A study of California mussels, a key species in the rocky intertidal ecosystems of the West Coast, indicates that the effects of ocean acidification will vary from place to place along the coast depending on a range of interacting factors. Researchers found that the ability of mussels to cope with more acidic conditions depends largely on how much food is available to them, and both factors vary from place to place.”
  • 5 Pacific Islands disappear into the Ocean due to Climate Change “Australian researchers just announced that five of the Solomon Islands have disappeared thanks to rising sea levels. Yup, like something out of a televised disaster movie, five islands have been swallowed by the sea and researchers say climate change is to blame.”


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