SUFB 164: Ocean Talk Friday

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Ocean Talk Friday: Ocean Funds Going to the wrong Organizations; Cephalopods on the rise; Edible Six Pack Rings Save Sea Turtles; and, Smuggling Cocaine in Endangered Fish Bladders.

Welcome back to another Ocean Talk Friday with myself, Andrew Lewin, and Nathan Johnson. There were some great, powerful stories out this week that we just had to talk about. Here they are:

  1. Study finds 5% of organizations get majority of the Funding and it hasn’t been affective;
  2. Cephalopod populations have been on the rise since the 1950s in the face of a changing Ocean;
  3. A brewing company designed a six pack ring that is edible and biodegrable…it can save the Ocean Animals that eat it; and,
  4. Mexican Cartels are smuggling cocaine in the swim bladders of the endangered totoaba fish. The fish is caught using gill nets that also catch the nearly extinct vaquita (less than 100 individuals left).

Listen to the podcast to find out all the details.

Today we discussed the following:

  • Why the Environmental Movement is not Winning:  as reported by the Huffington Post: “Environmental funders mainly support large, professionalized environmental organizations instead of the scrappy community-based groups that are most heavily impacted by environmental harms. Organizations with annual budgets greater than $5 million make up only two percent of all environmental groups, yet receive more than half of all environmental grants and donations. For building a movement, funding priorities seem upside down.”
  • Squid numbers are rising: as reported by “Cephalopods are an ecologically and commercially important group of invertebrates that are highly sensitive to changes in the environment,” Professor Gillanders says. “We’re currently investigating what may be causing them to proliferate – global warming and overfishing of fish species are two theories. It is a difficult, but important question to answer, as it may tell us an even bigger story about how human activities are changing the ocean.”


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